Life's First Cry

What do you think of when I say “Afghanistan”? War? Deserts? Dusty conflict zones? You probably don’t think of sweeping snowy peaks, and stunning mountain ranges. Nor do we have an understanding or picture in our minds of the experiential realities of every day life - far from international conflict, and far from politicised cities.

In 2018, BMS sought to unveil the hidden struggle of mothers and babies in Afghanistan.

Thousands of mothers and babies in Afghanistan struggle to survive childbirth. We believe their stories need to be told. Life’s First Cry was a project filmed over two weeks in the remotest, northern regions of this beautiful nation to meet firsthand with these mothers. Their stories are tender, vulnerable, and an honest reminder to us that behind just the name of a subcontinent or country. By sharing Life’s First Cry in your communities, on social media and donating to BMS’ appeal, you can help transform lives for mums, dads and babies in Afghanistan.

You can help us to be good news to people around the world.

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