Tom Read - Dead Things to Life

ARTIST: Tom Read

"Some friends of mine were excited to finally fall pregnant after years of trying, however their excitement soon turned to anguish when the doctors revealed that there was complications with the pregnancy. They were advised to terminate the pregnancy as the foetus did not stand much chance of surviving to full term.

After prayer they decided to commit the pregnancy into God's hands and carry the baby through until full-term. In the eyes of the medical professionals there was no hope, but my friends believed that God is able to breathe life into dead places. They rallied hundreds of friends to pray with them, and for them, during this dark time.

Whatever the outcome of their pregnancy, they were determined to trust God. Their son was born 9 months later, and stunned the very same doctors that had given him little chance of survival. This song is a prayer for those times when it seems hopeless in the world's eyes - a prayer that God would breathe his life on us."

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