Human 2018

what does it mean to be truly human?

An advertising campaign ran for a week long event exploring what it means to be truly Human. The campaign was holistic, expansive, and a huge overhaul from 2017's 'Home'. We upped the anti - this campaign, including all the standard tropes of Fliers, Posters, and Video also included a full printed magazine with a first print-run of 500 copies to be disseminated across the city of Oxford. 

As more and more media moves onto digital platforms, this has had the effect of putting increased value on physical objects and sentimentality. As Humans, we are not slaves to our digital realities and can, and must, engage with our flesh and bone - such was the heart behind publishing a magazine.

This campaign was evocative, and raised significant questions about life, purpose, meaning, and what it truly means to be fully alive and human. 

Client - OICCU (Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union)

Promotional video for Human 2018
Actress - Caroline Dehn
Voice - Tim Dehn
Filmed - St Peters in the East (Oxford) 

Music - 'Dreamlife' Tony Anderson

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