STORY 2018 was a small collection of short films capturing moments of life. The internal life of an individual is both incredibly deep, and beautifully mundane. Within a single moment, we can pendulum from contemplating the consistency of the yogurt you had this morning, to having a sudden epiphany of existential dread. Never is this more true than during your years as a student. University is a time when we have the opportunity to question, deconstruct, and subsequently, God-willing, reconstruct our foundations that we have grown up with - be it emotional, political, familial, and most importantly, spiritual.  

How are we to live our story? What is the meaning and purpose of the story of our life? How are we to interpret the role our story plays in the grand narrative of this universe? These are the questions than gnaw at us on quiet evenings. Thus, the purpose of these videos was to capture the humanity of individuals that we encounter in our everyday life - with a twist of dark humour. As the project was commissioned by a University Society, these videos focus on the lives, struggles, and joys of LSE students. 








Pedestrian Media