Roving Souls - Jacob Glover

Filmed in Oxford | Performed and Written by Jacob Glover

An exploration of a singer-songwriter, spoken word artist, and an apprentice of Jesus.

The spirit of the age decries that we constantly distract ourselves from the bottomless truth of emptiness and meaninglessness, ticking our time over until it has run out, and fruitlessly hoping that in walking the same patterns as all our ancestors before us, we may find a different result.

What if this story is the fantasy, and the so-called fantasy that we long for is reality?

Roving Souls tells a story of wandering and yearning for a place truly free from darkness, and beyond the secret weight each soul is carrying. 

"...Let the veil fall and the sky open up
May we lay down our pride
And the things of this world that we never understood
but clawed after anyway

And let the illumination of this yearning beacon penetrate
the marina trenches of our ocean hearts
Allow this homeward wind to blow off the accumulated dust
From the chests of our secret hurts and hidden disappointments

And break down the walls of our restricted realities..."

Pedestrian Media