BMS: Wonderfully Made

Working on this project was so much fun, it allowed Jake to flex so many of his skills, video production, motion graphic, logos. It was a brilliant opportunity to work with a company that changes so many lives.

Wonderfully Made is BMS World Mission’s new harvest resource, focusing on children who are being helped by BMS nurse Judy Cook at Hope Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Adventure Man (aka Tada), Captain Kindness (aka Natalie) and Mr Determined (aka Phil) have faced a lot of challenges in their short lives. They were all either orphaned or abandoned by their parents when they were very young, and they are growing up with disabilities in a country where the disabled are often viewed as a curse or the result of bad karma.

We know that Tada, Natalie and Phil are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ – and  thanks to your giving, they know that too!

To find out more about the amazing work BMS World Mission is doing here and all over the globe visit:

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