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Pedestrian seeks to be an independent production company that strives for excellence and tell a good story while we're at it. Content is key, we realise that main stream media is incredibly over saturated and videos are everywhere. any old person with a DSLR camera and money can put together a slow-mo fest of fun.

So what can we do? we can create dynamic content that is inspiring, artistic and leave a lasting impact on every viewer. We seek to make each piece in partnership with our client, and we take great joy in helping to create your vision and make it beautiful - We labour over each chord, shot, edit, and cut of the video to make the end product one holistic whole. 

So whether you want intense, high speed coverage of sports and action, or capture an intimate, poetic art piece with beautiful cinematography, we're your guys. 

But, as the first rule of filmmaking goes - 'show. don't tell'.  

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